Santa Claus and Black Pete

Gods or Angels are Dhyan-Chohans,Sura’s, Asuras, Elohim and Petri’s.

A good colleague / friend /clairvoyant / healer / card layer; Ria Ramakers from Roermond, who was able to make a map with a lot of acquaintances of mine without looking at the cards(she ‘hid’ behind the cards) told me at the age of 23 that I was ‘veiled’ so she did not could see much things about me. But she was sure that I wore a giant army of angels & gods around me.  That was before the time of digital photography.


Only later when I was able to purchase a digital camera,  I got the gods or angels recorded on screen.However,  they have never been born in the materiality themselves.  Why would they; they are round already.


Back then in 1987,  I was afraid of what else they knew about my task on earth or did not know.  Playing with fire in my aether has consequences that cannot be avoided.


I was not charmed to be called Jesus,  the Angels must have known this in retrospect.  According to faith,  Jesus would have lived before,  but never really existed in a historical perspective and the cross is nothing else than the worship of eternal and constant rebirth which is touted as heavenly paradise and where you can walk with God.

In principle, the Upapadaka (Kalki Avatar or Maitreya) could only occur at the end of the Kali era, according to the White Brotherhood. This Yuga will take 4.320.000.000 years. Or just once in history: at the end of times. After 36000 kalpa’s. = Apocalypse, Seventh Day, Night of Brahma or End Pralaya 


Jesus could walk over water. I don’t come out of a fantasy book with hidden secrets as the Bible is. It was created out of the reality of the Vedas and Upanishads. So these last books with knowledge where earlier.  Although I am the Upapadaka,

in the Quran, or better say Hadith, which was created later out of the bible and therefore full of mistakes and lies, I would even be recognized as Isa or the Mahdi. Because of the lies,  however, I dislike religion.


I am ‘from across the waters’.  Which means; my strength is directly cosmic (divine).  And that comes before the creation or Big Bang or over ‘the waters’.  (Water that has nothing to do with the matter that you can drink or swim in).  And that is far for humanity because they stay close to home; time after time to be reborn after they die.  The source of light is too bright and too far for the normal mortal human.  In addition, that power or heaven does not come from outside or above us, but from within.  There is nothing ‘above’.


It is like the story of ‘Sinterklaas’ and Black Peter;  where I am Sinterklaas / SantaClaus and the black pete’s the angels around me.  Also an old initiation story hidden in religious convictions of Christianity, assumptions and transformed dogma into a children’s party…  Black and White. Yin and Yang.  White stands for the Saint and / or the white horse, which from the darkness (Black stands for pure spirit before creation),  that enters the world of matter,  from ‘over the waters’ or from over or before creation or chaos…  by boat or other vehicle (body) to land as a long-awaited savior or enter the world of the life of matter.  (born in what we experience as the difference between life and death).  Slavery or discrimination is an absurd wild roar that can be stopped;  it has nothing to do with it.

 It is no coincidence that Hadji Firoez from Nowruz is also black. This celebration of the return of the light has great similarities with Santaclaus and Black Peter. Just like Christmas, which used to be a so-called “pagan” celebration, these have become Christianized throughout history. Krampus also has parallels with it.

The Black Pete’s are the vicious assistants who jump around the Saint.  They are therefore black because they come from the real darkness and also increase the contrast with the pure white.  Black is also the ‘color’ of the unconscious in ourselves.  They are impatient because they represent the many jumpy thoughts in ourselves,  which invisible and intangible sometimes fool us, but also helpful.  Thoughts that can help or destroy us.


Since I more or less found peace in my heart at my 43rd year, they are calmer and don’t talk so much anymore.  For a reason I call them jokingly my ‘little black pete’s’ when they occasionally do so with non sensical thoughts.  (torments from the darkness).  Black stands for darkness and is in essence pure spirit,  who knows no harm,  but intolerable thoughts that want to jump in.