When I ask the Elohim, Asuras and Pitri’s to show some tricks on my photos as ORBS, I am of course very happy when they follow my instructions. However, they often have their “own will” and won’t do not do what I said..

They are present anyway; they really can’t help it either. My directly divine energy attracts many variations from other dimensions that all want to go to the big light. With me as Upapadaka everything comes together. (I didn’t made that up myself). Since a short time ago this phenomenon has changed and they will come closer to me now. Normal guardian angels are closer to the body and become visible when I am visiting others. Fortunately, the flash of the Olympus VG-170 has so far reached 15 meters and more to make orbs visible at greater distances. Since the Olympus VG-170 is out of order I use the SZ-17.

A good colleague / friend / clairvoyant / healer / card reader; Ria Ramakers from Roermond, who was able to lay the cards to many of my acquaintances without looking at the cards (she was able to ‘hide’ herself behind the cards) told me at the age of 23 that I am ‘veiled’, She was not able to see anything about me. Though there was one thing she could tell me; that I was carrying an unprecedented gigantic army of gods around me. That was before the time of digital photography.

In my 7-year-old wanderer period against my will, I’d  fight many demons and at the end of 1991 I volunteered to be admitted into the Welterhof psycho medical center in Heerlen. After all; from the initial probability diagnosis of schizophrenia nothing remained; according to the doctors, there was nothing wrong with me and I was only looking for accommodation. There I stood; again on the streets for the umpteenth time in my life and in lost of everything.

Later at the GGD (Mental Healthcare service) in Amsterdam I tried to be admitted again.  After an independent investigation by 3 psychiatrists hastily summoned by the crisis center, they found that my stories, drawings, poems and words showed that I was not confused and not in crises. “If the water in the canal was not so cold, I would almost have jumped in to it”. Since my 43rd year I have finished that to need to keep the peace in my own heart. As far as my karma allows to heal other people and the karma of those I tread allows this, it’s only a the result that counts. Fortunately, I no longer have to prove myself in miracles, although many do experience that as such.

Orbs or angels are ‘perfect souls’. Do not compare them with humans. They are Dhyan-Chohans, Suras, Asuras and Elohim from which we originated, but never wanted or could have been born as human beings. (Has to do with the “war” in heaven and the Pitris which actually had to fall into the dust or sin to become people). Why should they be? They are already round and therefore perfect. Do not compare Aliens with orbs. Just like people, they are created in matter or ‘dust’. Like an Alien, the soul of mortal human is by no means perfect. The human soul receives from birth 1 to 3 guardian angels at birth, some have more, depending on whether the birth from heaven/death is planned on this earth. (There are people who have already picked out their parents before they get to know each other.) These guardian angels stay with you throughout your whole life to learn from you or vice versa. The photographer can only get his / her own Orbs in the photo. So not those of others. Orbs can have all colors.

Reference: The Different Colors of Ghost Orbs and Their Meanings