My Task

 My final task as savior of mankind, to end the eternal wheel of rebirth and to start the seventh day, is entirely according to plan. In 1987 I warned about this plan because it would be the results of their actions against me; such as wars in Europe, disasters and final poisoning. Now that I see that it is happening, the rest of the seventh day of ‘God’ is now very close. 

Also known as the Night of Brahma or end pralaya.  In earthly words; the end of life.


Not long after I had performed the painful trials with the pyramid, I got ‘telepathic contact’ with a number of ‘spirits’ that were new to the ‘world of the mind’. I can still remember their first words after they invaded my mind with a thundering roar. ‘Wow; What is this beautiful here. What is all  this? “


In doing so, they acted as if they were also in an earthly body, but in the meantime found themselves in the ‘World of Spirit’, where everything arises before it becomes reality, and where I am at home). I asked them who they were and they called themselves ‘The Society’, which for me is just a part of the world that I was used to know to control this on my own. They wanted to tell me that they could see everything and that I am Jesus. I was astonished to hear this. And that in a world they do not even know to control.


Furthermore, they told me that if I were not that person (Jesus), I would have to commit suicide, otherwise they would continue their activities. Threats and attempts to do shame on me. Well, I don’t have a high intention for that and ignored it. (???)


So I summoned them immediately to come forward to give account of their in admissible behavior in my face where my eyes could see their lips speak out these words, because they were doing violence to the World Spirit, and would awaken “Shiva” in me, making them guilty of the consequences in the future of the reality that still had to come. Such as increasing disasters and wars through false faith and religion that would become the end of this world.  And there would be war in Europe too.


The latter was not so well understood, but I explained to them that I am protected by a force from within that was invisible to them. As long as they would ensure that things went well for me, ‘society’ would also going better. Although they laughed, taunt and made fun about me and others declared me insane, my predictions as the result of the cause, as I am used to do, became reality later on.

Fortunately, the war in Yugoslavia, which was not yet started at that time, is now over. But the rest of the warning sings like gigantic number of refugees from the Middle East and Africa coming this way (Europe) is still in full swing. So far, my task as savior is going exactly as I have predicted.


Now I can imagine the irritating behavior of the Elohim around me. They probably wanted to be sure that my anger was big enough not to be able to return the key to the total destruction. And I have also made clear (my point of view) from the beginning that I spoke to them in 1987; You need me; for without me you are nothing, wanderers looking for the light that I am, and that no other direction will be possible than mine.  And that in the end they will give responsibility to me. As far as everyone wants to go to the big light.  And I know that at least everyone will. There is no other way.


Since then they have become more quiet and meanwhile I also noticed that it was not necessary to speak to them either; because they can read my mind. Or should I say ‘hear’ my thoughts.


We are now approaching the end of the Kali era with associated disasters at an accelerated pace.


The Angels or Orbs who called themselves, Society in  1987, which is only a part of the world that I was used to manage on my own, wanted to fool me into being Jesus in a world they do not even know to control. They told me that if I were not the person Jesus, I would have to commit suicide or they would continue their activities. Threats and attempts to arouse me are not high intentions for me because it shows ignorance.


I don’t like any religion. These are the reason that I was born once to perform my task. It must be over now. I have always found Jews and Christianity stupid and Islam, which later in 800 after the modern counting of era was invented as a counterpart for the war machine to run, a political goal,  that actually has nothing to do with religion because it at odds with all Western standards and values. Christianity goes out of the three in one  unity. Islam based on Christianity and Judaism only recognizes the ‘unity’ of Allah as ‘one’, which ‘god’ for them. So religion is reprehensible because it is not the truth. Mutilated dogmas that are nothing but a collection of assumptions.


Religion, is objectionable. It destroys everything because it is emanate from dogmas. Islam is basically not a religion but a system (created by Rome where the seed for Islam was planted during the Council of Nicaea (325 after the modern counting)  And later a by Jesuits refined system to give fuel for the war machine in order to earn extra money. When it suits them, (divide and conquer) they fight on both sides of the front. Because it is at odds with Christianity and all Western values and norms. But it has nothing to do with truth. Imagine that Allah was mistaken to create women without a clitoris and cover their beauty with extra chitons (skirts of skin to hold the body of bones, blood and organs together).  ‘And Java Aleim, made for Adam and his wife כתנות עור, ‘chitonuth our. Ancient truths that have been accepted by mutilated translations as the will of Allah or God? Impossible.

During this council, where incidentally no journalists or draughtsman/illustrtors were allowed to be there.  Mary became the mother of the Christ. Jesus was suddenly performed as a flesh-and-blood person who was crucified in the past with a time machine to cover up the ‘Fall into the sin’…  Wich means the fall in matter; whereby some of the Pitris, the ancestors of mankind with the immanent Christ, were sent from Heaven to the physical earth to be reincarnated there again and again. The belief that already was full of symbolism was packed in even more assumptions with this crude history of forgery. Here you see Brahma in the dawn of humanity, which is esoteric and collectively the Pitar or Father of the Pitris. The Virgin Mary who is actually Chaos or “the waters” of heaven.  And the “Son” or the created material universe.

The so-called Holy Spirit seems to be missing here. Although I do know how it works in here because it connects everything from present into future. Such as action and reaction with regards to the “accelerated karma”, which few understand, but which is happening in the meantime to become reality.


The god of Christianity is based on the ‘three in one unity’. Islam which is based on Christianity and Judaism only recognizes the ‘unity’ of Allah as ‘One’, which is ‘god’ for them. So religion is reprehensible because it is not the truth. Mutilated dogmas that are nothing but a collection of assumptions.


However Christianity has its secrets from Hinduism, which has more truth in its religion. The Islam has no truth at all, Because it is based on a system that is invented by Christianity to create opposite meanings for the war machine.


When I talk to refugees at my work who have to integrate, I sometimes talk about religion. Then I start with Christianity, which I am the first to get down. Even before I get to their own faith; Islam can begin, I am enthusiastically greeted by these Islamists who tell me that that is precisely why the Imams in their homeland sent them here for this ‘holy war’; to destroy Christianity. It is really sick. Just like Christians, everyone understand only what they want to understand.


Other religions like me are less dangerous, even though the faith does stick to it. Buddhism is not a true religion by nature. Even though there are also different trends that are starting to look like that. I regard Pantheism as the least dangerous of all.


Believers are conditioned by misleading information to think differently so that the valuable knowledge of the Esotericism is completely disfigured. They will continue to wander and never reach the sky.


The true doctrine has no religion. Bible or Quran only give horror. Religion is the carrier of deliberate misconceptions to deceive the people and to keep the truth. It has only a political goal. In order to grow spiritually, it is better to occupy yourself with the esoteric science like Theosophy. (Not to be confused with theology). And so read the books by Blavatsky and the Perucker.


Now I can understand why the Orbs, Elohim, Malaikah, Kumaras & Agnishvattas, Dhyani-Chohans, Suras and Asuras or angels / me call Jesus, Kalki or ‘the Truth’, but Jesus as a ‘historical character’ never really has lived because it is an initiation story. Even Islam knows Isa.

Jesus; the Christ = The old doctrine of vicarious suffering. This inner and immanent Christ = natural law is even missing in me. Which has been confirmed by the pyramid, among other things. In Theosophy (not directly saving, but much more suitable for spiritual growth than theology) it has been demonstrated at various levels that the possible contemporaries of “Jesus” as a person have never heard – or written about him. Only in religious articles after 325 where it was placed outside man as a natural person. Well now; I am not from a book but I am real. And everything I predicted became real so far.

When people ask me what the Upapadaka is, I sometimes quote the fairy tale of Jesus as a so-called historical figure and then say “Something like that; but in real life … As a long-awaited savior to rid humanity of ‘the curse’ of the cross, so that they must be reborn every time. Besides Jesus, other terms like Mahdi, Kalki and the Truth have been given to me. Since I want to have little to do with faith, I think the term Upapadaka is the least known by faith and therefore find it better for me.

I rather don’t have anything with religion because this is the reason that I was born once to perform my task.. It just has to end. Judaism and Christianity may have some references to the gods, they have brought in too many lies and errors. Islam, which was later “invented” by the early Christians (At the Council of Nicea 325, the seed was planted for that, which emerged in ± 800) to serve as a counterpart to run the war machine has only a political purpose and therefore it is not without reason at odds with the principles of Christianity which itself is based on the trinity while Islam only recognizes the unity of Allah. Islam is the farthest from divine truth. That is also the problem with religion. All divinity is maimed to bind the people with lies and deceit.

Religion is dangerous. So far it breaks everything. View the history of Christianity and Islam. Your religion will carry you > That is the only function of what faith can and does…. If necessary, it will carry you into hell. Although that is bad for you because you continue to believe that trust is good…  Religions that owe their existence to a mutilated collection of assumptions. In fact, we all belong to the unity that we were and will become again.


Well now; I am real and not a person of believe. I also tell that to the angels around me who call me Jesus. And I don’t know anything about forgiveness because karma deals with you directly or indirectly, as I stated above.


Bible and Koran are full of idiotic errors. Additional prayers, self-chastisements and texts by heart will only lead to the believer coming further away from the deity.


You do not even have to believe in me; everything that I have predicted so far is now reality. You can certainly know me.


People don’t even have to believe in me; everything that I have predicted so far is now reality. You can certainly know that I am the truth.


God is not a being and cannot be forced. Ain-Soph is not a he or a she. It is NOT. Only Externally perceptible in me and the Sura’s and Asura’s around me. However, matter is perishable. Thus we live in Maya or illusion while modern Western science goes from the opposite while they do not really want to acknowledge death, which in reality does not exist. As Anu cannot be seen separately from the Anunnaki. Even though this realization has only become apparent to us since the onset of the Big Bang. Darkness is pure spirit. Believing in a god outside of yourself is, as religions do, reprehensible.