During treatment, where the radiation goes straight through clothing and blankets, many people some times wander if it is the heat radiation from my hands. But when they touch my hands to check this, many are surprised that my hands are cold. It often happens that the treatment is still vibrating while it has already stopped.


Treatment areas of my magnetism include: headache, impotence, shingles, inflammations, traumas obtained by stroke or bump, but also shifted vertebrae to arterial bleeding.  The worse the disease, the greater the miracle of healing.

Unfortunately it does not work for everyone. Especially diabetic patients are difficult to treat. With a few exceptions. An excess of non-body substances; such as Insulin impedes the gift/ power. You don’t have to believe in it. The science of feeling and experiencing is the best teacher. If you feel the radiation during my treatment, then it will work certainly. Animals like dogs or horses do not believe either. But they feel and react also.

Animals like dogs or horses do not believe either. But they feel and react also. >>>

A good example is Delyla; the horse of Patrick Van de Warenburg from Brunssum which I was able to cure in 3 treatments of her pneumonia and emphysema at the beginning of November 2013 despite her medication with Prednisone … Although I often have animals as a patient, who also heal under my hands, I am never amazed about that (The client usually does)… But this time it felt like a miracle to me… The direct cosmic force went right through Dylala’s Prednisone medication… That didn’t work out with my own wife Marita, who also had Prednisolone in her blood due to lung problems… This “medicine” takes over the life-force (‘chi’) so my treatment does not work out with her. That is why I was really surprised that I could still touch and feel the life force  of the horse…  Seven years later, Delyla relapsed from pneumonia and died of prednisone.

It is a pity that owner Patrick forgot to consult me again. Probably because he indicated that he had little money at that time.  That is why I did the treatments for free. Then it happens more often that people “forget” my miracles.  I already had experience with such ‘human behavior’ before when I had the age of 25 . At that time I still wanted to prove myself to others.  However, animals always remain grateful.


Duration and nature of the treatment; On average ± 5 minutes per session.  Since I am the only person in the world that use direct cosmic energy instead of terrestrial or animal magnetism,  the duration is usually shorter. When there are areas or parts of the body that need longer attention,  I usually use more time.


People might experience stimuli of heat or other sensations.  Even cold is possible.  Rarely, fainting occurs. If that happens, I simply put the client back on the treatment stool and continue where I left off.


Costs: € 20 per treatment. Usually 3 at most are needed.  Depending on the nature of the ailment,  a follow-up treatment can take place after 3 months.  And in some cases,  treatment should still take place after a year.  People who have to live on benefits receive a discount.


On my 25th year of life (1979) discovered by Huub van Ham in Kelpen where I arrived with my wife as a patient.  Huub was initially convinced that I was “Jesus” because of my healingpower which,  according to him, was hundreds of thousands of times stronger than his own.  I really thought the man was overwrought when he jumped happily around me and ignored Marita, my wife, as a patient.

I never claimed that I would be paranormal.  I have been confronted with that since my childhood.  Personally, I think it’s quite easy.  Sometimes I hear, see, smell, taste, I know what.  The(‘clear’) feeling is, as far as I am aware of it, the most developed to effectively carry out the white magic of healings.

Clairvoyance is a wrong word.  Knowing limited or seeing cloudy with obstacles is a better definition.  When I give an immediate answer,  there is a big chance that it will come true.  (As a child I already had a lot of trouble with this.)  I always heard that I was guilty because I had described it before hand).

Usually I get the ‘difficult cases’, that is, people or animals who have followed the entire circuit to doctors, professors, prayer healers, homeopaths, acupuncturists and other magnetizers, and have been treated there.  Then I may occasionally or often do a miracle there.

Sometimes a short treatment already works.  This is what I call ‘sticking plasters’ ‘hanging’ for 6 seconds above the affected area where the ailment is located.  A total ironing session with everything being pulled through from top to bottom takes no more than 3 minutes.

Remote treatment is possible, although I prefer not during a 1st treatment.  I just like to be old-fashioned the first contact face to face.  But if there is no other option,  I prefer a ‘real’ printed passport photo that can be sent to me by post to the client.  A photo that is even worn on the body.


In addition to my work as a healer,  I also come to people at home to help ghosts who do not yet know that they have died, to ‘light’.  These are therefore ‘entities’ and cannot be compared to orbs.  Deceased people or entities are far from round,  and not perfect at all.  They may as I call it; ‘connect in the back’ if at least they are able to get behind ‘the army of gods’ who are pushing in front of me.