Although there are many light festivals such as Divali,  Sinterklaas. Christmas and others where my arrival is expected,  little or nothing is known about me The Theosophy knowledge which I myself still consider to be closest to the truth,  gives a few references of the Upapadaka by G. de Perucker.


Bron van het occultisme / G. de Purucker

Piramide-energiën in de praktijk / Paul Liekens

Online information:

On Avatars – G. de Purucker
Upapadaka- en anupapadaka-avatara’s by G. de Purucker (dutch)
De avatara – een spirituele gebeurtenis (dutch)
De menigte dhyani-chohans (dutch)

Something about the “gods” or angels.

Spirit Orb Size and Color (source: LoveToKnow)
Orbs en hun betekenis Deel 2 (dutch) (source: Hugo weet beter)

Alles over Orbs en Buitenaardsen (Everything about Orbs and Extraterrestrials)  is a private Facebook siteof where I am the manager and where everyone , who wants to become a member,  canalso post their own orbs.

Alles over Orbs en Buitenaardsen

Hugo weet beter

Ananda – Joy Is Within you


Peter Wauben
John Sauren