The first time I was invited by a Loge was in 1978 because of my insight into life and death.  A clear voice from the middle of my existence told me that I should not accept this invitation;  it would jeopardize my life task.

The last time I was invited was at my 45th year of life because of – in my eyes – only relative knowledge of Theosophy and the gift of white magic. Of cause I refuge this again.

My orbs or angels are ‘perfect souls’ and can be placed in the category of Elohim,  Dhyan-Chohans, Suras, Asuras and Pitris.  You might say that they created us, but never wanted to be born as ‘humans’. (This has to do with the ‘war’ in the heaven and the Petri’s of the moon, who actually had to be the first to fall into the dust or ‘sin’ to become human beings in matter). Why would they actually. They are already round and therefore perfect. Real humans were created later by the Elohim.

Do not compare Aliens with orbs.  Like humans, they are created in matter. The soul of mortal people is, just like an Aliens, far from perfect.

At birth the human soul receives 1 to 3 guardian angels at birth,  some have more,  depending on whether their birth was planned in heaven/death. There are people who have already chosen their parents before they even get to know each other.

These guardian angels stay with you throughout your whole life to learn from you or vice versa.  The photographer can only ‘catch’ his / her own Orbs on picture.  Not those of others. Orbs can have all colors.

In 2003 during the registration with the CWI in Maastricht,  I did not immediately succeed in setting up a Hotmail-address on one of the computers over there.  A staff worker said that it was not necessary; because I was already working as a secretarial employee.  I told him;”Yes, but I think it would be nice if I remain registered.  That way I can follow the economy, because the first blows would be seen there.  Within 5 years there will be an explosive increase in unemployment “.  Surprised he exclaimed: Only for that reason,  I help you set the address.  Because the way you expressed this is incredible.  Five years later the crisis became reality.

A staff member of temporary-employment agency Tempo-Team described me in the papers as; a bit strange but O.K. (I was not able to see those notifications but I did though. The next day at the Whole sale in game; ‘Wild-groothandel’ Van Leendert, a colleague ‘skinner’ accidentally hit the knife in his left wrist.  Gushing rays of blood from 30 to 90 cm at a time sprayed from out his arm on the floor.  That did not seem hygienic to me.  Thus,  immediately I rinsed the wound with water and hold my hand above the wound.  The bleeding almost stopped immediately.  “What was that?” He exclaimed in dismay?  “Oh,” that’s just magnetism.  I told him.  No, he cried;  ‘It cannot,  because I know how that feels and this is very different’.

I even brought my mother back to life from death in 2000. At the time she had died in the ‘dying room’ of the nursing clinic in Heerlen.

When I came in half an hour later after she died, the doctor with two nurses were still busy cleaning up.  The doctor felt strange about my three long stroking movements above my mother’s body and asked me what it meant.  My answer was that she would sleep better.  This was answered with dismay,  stating that she was already died and lost her breath for half an hour ago.

As I shrugged to the door to leave,  I turned around for a moment and told them with a grin that she would be able to sit straight up in bed the next morning to ask for an ice cream….

The next morning I was called awake by one of the nurses.  How I knew about the ice cream?  What I had predicted become true.  I explained to her that everything I say becomes reality.  But I don’t know why I know that.  And I apologized to my mother for treating her.  She never wanted to be to do so because she never believed in it.

Now I have nothing with faith or believe but as far as possible I usually try to take wishes in account.  After all she had a dead wish for many years and was a member of the Euthanasia Association because of the pain she suffered.

It was not an easy woman either. A few months before I brought her into her new room in the nursing clinic, I told her roommate that my mother was the most easy and sociable woman…  The next day her neighbor was alone with me and she wondered why I had lied to her.  My mother wasn’t nice at all and certainly not cozy…  I had to laugh about that and told her that first a miracle would be necessary to happen before this would become reality.

After I had brought my mother back among the living,  that miracle appeared to have happened.  Previously she was always a suspicious and sour person.

After her “resurrection” she had turned 180 degrees in personality and turned into a sweet, understanding woman, and while not cured of her pain and bedrock due to the many years of suffering Osteoporosis, she was suddenly a very engaging and warm personality.  To be able to live on this earth for another year in happiness.  That was the miracle of just one treatment.  But miracles are normal for me.

In 1977, when visiting Huub van Ham in Kelpen (Paranormal Healer with clients from all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany),  I let my beloved Marita, who suffered from pain in her ear, lead into the room of this wizard.  As soon as he saw me, he jumped out from behind his desk and, instead of paying attention to the patient, ran like a madman with big eyes toward me and started jumping around me.  He really thought I was Jesus and cried joyful where I was all that time?

Jos Snel put me on the street at a certain point when I refused to fulfill his wish to make me rich…  He suffered from baldness and noticed that his hair started to grow enormously when I treated his head.

Then I “saw” how he supposedly wanted to make me rich and told him so.  By giving his girlfriend a job as a ‘doctor’s assistant’ while he himself tried to find out how many cars possible patients had in front of their real estate.  On the base of this and other information he would then determine the price that people would have to pay to him.  And I would receive a few percent ‘as a tip’.  He was amazed and angry how I could know this and I answered him that I also helped people for free.

Earlier, he had also dismissed me from his shop because the customers always wanted to talk to me instead of him.  He only thought about sales and not about customer loyalty.

In 1998 I met Jos again in the AZM /UMC + hospital.  And I asked Peter Bolk who was visiting him, why Jos was here?  According to this Peter, I was the owner of the evil eye because everything I had predicted to Jos, had become true.  All I knew was that he would die a horrible death if he went on to treat that wicked way he did.  And that is not everything.  When he ever want to enter ‘the big light’, or ‘heaven’ he should first explain to me why he acted so cruel to me.

As  Upapadaka, I don’t suffer from Karma because I was only born once… I lack the inner and immanent Christos spirit… This natural force that normally ensures that I, like everyone else, normally would be reborn again – as soon as death occurs and the soul leaves the body with the mind via the neck –  is not inside me… For normal people this reincarnation means ‘Eternal Life with god/allah’..  The doctrine of vicarious suffering, as Christians (and muslins) now understand it, actually prevents them from accepting the doctrine of re-embodiment.

Whether the Elohim around me knew that, I’m not sure, but it will show later when the time of accountability has arrived.  No one can escape me.  In the end everybody wants to go to the big light and my ‘Force’ will recognize your karma.

My great love, Marita, I could no longer treat at a certain moment ‘. (became a human being… Previously she always thought I knew everything…?)

Just before my great love Marita died,  she suddenly saw that I was just a normal man like others who did not knew everything, as she thought before.  For me that was a big compliment; I had succeeded in becoming more human.  Although she thought I had easy talk because I did not have to be reborn anymore.  I never told her that and she could not possibly know.