Empirical Research

According to the highest authority on this Earth (The White Brotherhood), empirical research in 1987 with pyramid energy, has shown that I am the Upapadaka. 

Previously also ‘recognized’ as Jesus by the radiance of the extra ordinary gift of the directly divine or cosmic magnetism witch I was born with.  And with 40 years of consciously utilizing it. 


When I informed the White Brotherhood of my complaints about the pyramid in 1987 by telephone, they told me that I am ‘the top stone’ of the pyramid which cannot be placed.  This is because I am stronger than the pyramid and it charge itself to me instead of the other way around.  This is physically impossible and that is precisely the special thing about this.

During my chairmanship of ‘Libertijn’; Association for Freedom of Choice of Medicine (now in rest), experimentation with this power source took my life spirit away.


This has been confirmed later in 2009 during a Quantum Touch Workshop by psychic Abraham van den Akker with his third eye; every time I started a healing, he saw the direct divine energy coming from me, while at the same time he could not observe any earthly energy with me.

It goes against all the natural laws of the universe. Or as he formulated it; ‘It cannot actually be because it’s impossible, but it’s true because I see it’.


Because I’ve been born with it and have always worked with it, it’s not exciting for me to be what I’ve always been.