After my ‘death’

After my ‘death’, it is expected that it will take 5 years at most before everything collapses again. Like a reverse creation. Instead of the expanding explosion of the ‘big bang’ it will be an implosion. My task is then completed. According to the Elohim, my task will only starts then, but we will see that later. After all, death does not exist in reality. Yes; for the human who was born in ‘Maya’ or the ‘make-believe world’. That is the world of “matter”. It is subject to wear and doomed by age and other inconveniences to decompose to dust. However, the soul always remains. In any case, longer than it is during life on earth that is actually a big illusion. Also known as ‘Maya’


Whether the gods or ‘The Society’ are right in saying that my task will only start when I’m in heaven remains to be seen. In the many promises they have made to me, there have so far been only 2 that have come true.


During my wanderings through the municipality of Heerlen, (±1990) I saw downstairs in the pedestrian tunnel at the back scene of the railway station that there was a police-van above me with 7 officers in it. In fact, I couldn’t really see this because I can’t officially see through concrete walls and many feet of soil up above me. In doing so, I listened to their conversation that was about me as usual. Normally this is not…  So I suspected ‘The Society’ who accompany me, that they wanted to fool me again.


I can also talk nonsense and play games. So I spoke (in my thoughts) to them, through all the barriers between us and challenged them to drive down through the narrow pedestrian area with their police van. I didn’t thought they would dare to do so because of the dangerous corner that was actually an angle… Oh no, they said; you just wait a second. Then I hearth that the engine was started and within a few seconds I had to jump aside as not to get hit by the van that passed around the corner with high speed. At the end of the tunnel at the station, they all jumped out of the car and started to dance and tossing their hats in the air… meanwhile clapping each other on their shoulders for fun.


I walked past it with the knowledge that ‘The Society’ had these agents ‘sent’ to do this. So I would start thinking that the police were the gods. I couldn’t appreciate these kind of nauseous jokes. Without worrying about their ‘party’ I walked past them with a shrug. Yes; they had understood my thoughts and dared (or forced) the police to drive through the tunnel. So that turned out to be only partially true…


During another moment (1991) the ‘The Society’ told me that I would meet Prime Minister Wim Kok (‘William Cook’) that evening…   That turned out to be a man who was having a drink with his wife in a café where I sometimes came to warm me up. The man told me that he worked as a cook in a hotel in Valkenburg.


Most of their predictions or promises turned out to be lies. And when I confronted them with the effect of “the Force” I possess, the Elohim always had the same answer: “Look at it the other way around.


Aha; so by letting me suffer in misery, which is definitely not good because ‘the Force’ will automatically transfer  misery and danger to the society that I normally control by the ‘World of Mind’ on this earth, brings joy and well-being ?


No; Sick jokes are not funny. When I asked why they spoke so stupidly to me, they always have the same answer; ‘activities’.


In the meantime, my promises or “predictions” about what would awaits them as “Society” always became true in reality…  I don’t need faith or religion for that. And that made perfect sense to me because I warned them that would be the result of playing with “fire in my ether”. By invading “the world of the mind” with all of them, taking everything from me away… by making me think that everyone in the whole world was against me… Lost my home, money (fixed income), possessions, my loves and everything I cared about. This gave me the idea that I was stuck with a huge bunch of masochists. If you go against my natural laws, then you also know for sure what your earned wages will be. Such as more homeless people, heavy disasters, wars (also within Europe) new diseases and the steady expansion of infertility. Everything thanks to your “activities” or “activities” … And then I asked “Can you see the other way around?… No answer.


Sometimes I’d bother to repeat to them that if they made efforts to make my position better, they as a society would be much better too (That’s how it always worked out)…  but I ‘m a little afraid that we might have now passed the point of reversibility … Then there was sometimes confusion … I heard something about the normal people on earth who believe in the ‘Anti-Christ’ and about the impossibility of that … There you go again I said sadly..   ‘Faith’ in ‘Religion’ I don’t need because it is false by itself, invented to create the contradictory beliefs (Christianity believes in the Trinity versus Islam that goes for One.  The last one behold even more errors into the divine truth and rape and cover up all other truths for the sake of political power. And that will destroy everything. Then, if necessary, we “just” skip a few days of Brahma and the matter is changed again, into pure darkness or spirit.


And then no one needs to crucify themselves 5 to 7 times to be reborn again in matter because they have failed during this life to do good and not to persecute or kill other people like Islam does. For the simple reason that there is no more matter anymore.


In the meantime everything would have been destroyed according to the opposite plan and we have all faith and security back together in a big soup. That’s just the way it is.


Anyway; I am always happy when my “Black Peets” show up in crowds in front of the lens of my photo camera … Yet; here too they sometimes play childish games… When they group around behind instead of in front of me. Although I understand the “comparison” (See it the other way around), I am not to be glad that I’m obliged to stop the car every time I take orb photos and to take one or two photos very quickly behind the car because otherwise they will be gone.  Nice huh? … “Activities”.


Just wait until you, like the “normal people”, will do that when I get back to heaven, you will give me accountable.


Then they shiver and I feel them tremble.

Strange .. although; because they ignored or contested me, they activated the force to protect my people the other way around.


In addition, I will not hesitate to drop the people with leadership positions on this earth now, who are in the top of the pyramid at this moment, if necessary upside down when they think that the same system will work for them in heaven.


 I will completely reverse the current system order of those in power. Then they get enough time to see the saying “as above so below” from another side. So if my task after it is finished still starts as they say …? “Look the other way around” ..


I myself (also against all natural laws) don’t make any karma. This sounds ridicule to the normal people who know about life and death, but unlike anyone else, because of the immanent Christ in everyone (except me), I’ve never been born before.


Experience shows however that everything and anyone that somehow thwarts, ignores or denies me, always experience an “accelerated negative karma.” That is not my fault and I do not do that on purpose, but I now know how horrible “The Force” in the form of action and reaction works. The people who oppose me do this themselves. And you don’t have to believe that because your karma will help you remember to know this for sure by letting you experience that…


Now I understand the telephone conversation in 1987 with the White Brotherhood somewhat clearer; ‘Weren’t you born prematurely or too early as Avatar, Jesus, Mahdi, Savior, Maitreya or Kalki … The Elohim wanted’ at the beginning of my wandering ‘against will and thanks’, to search for a ‘white horse’ They conveniently forgot to tell me that I had to ride it with a drawn flaming sword shaped like a comet. Hinduism also has faith. So you forgot to tell me about the burning comet eh… Don’t worry; I’ll will let the power of ‘the Force’ remember this.