उपपादक – Upapadaka

Albert Lichtenbeld
 Upapadaka उपपादक 
Healer with cosmic magnetism. 

‘I am here to become more human in this world.’

Welcome to cosmic-orbs. There is also my Facebook version of cosmic orbs.

Paranormal healer/energetic therapist without training, but with straight ‘innate’  cosmic energy (± 40 years of experience).  This is in contrast with terrestrial magnetism, which I, against all laws of nature,do not possess.  So I do not possess ‘animal’ or ‘earth’ magnetism.

Welcome to the website cosmic orbs of Albert Lichtenbeld.  Because I am stronger than the pyramid many recognize me as ‘Jesus’.  Even the Orbs or angels call me that. In reality, I am the Upapadaka.  This is the conclusion of the White Brotherhood in 1987 (see further on this site).