The top of the pyramid doesn’treally exist. This would be blown away by the force. The mysterious statement that I am the Top stone of the pyramid means that it uses me to charge itself,while that is normally not possible.


Manypeople will notice that a lot of my photo albums contain many ‘Orbs’. TheseGods or Elohim are the companions of my last life on this earth. Normal peoplehave one to three companions to escort them, received at their birth. Somepeople whose lives have been prepared by heaven / death have more. They staywith you throughout your whole life. To learn from you or vice versa.

During my chairmanship of Libertijn;Association for Freedom of Choice and Medicine (now retired), I experimented withthe pyramid, built according to the key of Cheops.

Paul Liekens, who gave us wonderful lectures about this at Maastricht University onthe Tongersestraat, did not have the time and thought I could use his books. SoI decided to experiment myself. In order to do a double-blind the study, I hadanother test subject; Marita’s sweet little white dwarf rabbit; ‘Pyotr’. Thepersonality of this rabbit changed by the charged pyramid water into a wildbloodthirsty monster that attacked everyone in his neighborhood.

As soon as I got close to thepyramid, I noticed that it took away my my life force. How could that be? Isearched everywhere.  An initiate of the white brotherhood spoke in 1987by phone that I must be ‘the top stone’ of the pyramid, which cannot be placed… .A phenomenon that would prevent me from being anyone else like the Upapadaka.

This surprised me, but the answer Icould live with was: “That in that case I am stronger than the pyramid. Then the pyramid feels my power as stronger and recharges itself to me “.

Normally this is the other wayaround. According to her, it would hardly ever happen that someone without amother (earthly energy) is born. At most once in 4,320,000,000 years or maybe never. 

What she did find strange was that Imight have been born prematurely … According to the expectation from the secret books, it is only at the end of the Kali Yuga era that a person like me coult have been born. However, if I come earlier then the books expectation,there must be a reason for that.